• Entire PSA solution one simple price

    With Harmony there are no add-on modules to buy, no connectors to get working, no low cost cut-down versions that don’t deliver what you need. When we quote you a price, this is all you will ever need to pay no matter how your use changes over time

  • Fully device independent

    No mobile application to download and synchronise. Harmony’s user interface adjusts to the device you are using and delivers the same functionality as your desktop. This places your entire business on your phone, available anywhere, anytime

  • VAT and US sales tax compliant

    Harmony supports both VAT and sales tax accounting with sales tax groups and product over-ride rules. There is no need to synchronise data with your accounting system because Harmony posts at the journal level, QB is fully supported

  • Integrated deferred revenue management

    Unlike other PSA solutions, Harmony has an accounting back-end that understands deferred revenue and prepayment accounting. Harmony’s accounting rules engine automatically manages the balance sheet for you leaving you more time to sell

  • Fully multi-currency

    Harmony supports your business in the global marketplace. If you buy or sell cross-currency, even on the same deal, Harmony has the functionality to book things correctly. Forget managing cross-currency transactions on spreadsheets, we have it covered

  • End to end IT business management solution

    Your entire business in one application, from prospect to payment and beyond. Our goal is to make every part of your IT business more efficient and more profitable

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About Harmony

End to end process control for technology businesses

Harmony is the most modern and complete PSA solution on the market today. If you are looking for a PSA solution to run your business, that will grow with you and support your success, you’ve found the answer. But don’t take our word for it, check out how we support the specific needs of your vertical

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Quotes and stories

  • Chris Grunwell - Support Analyst at K3 Syspro Limited

    We purchased Harmony PSA as a replacement for a creaking old Access-based ticketing system for our Application Support Team. After researching and demo-ing around 40 other systems, we came across Harmony, and only 3 months after Go Live we are seeing serious improvements in time-saving, workflow, and our customers could not be happier with the customer-facing portal, customised to our brand I might add! A very happy customer indeed.
  • Alex Foster - Managing Director at BrightVisions Ltd

    Awesome Product - Saves Us Countless Hours. I am honestly not sure how we ever did business before the introduction of Harmony. It has helped us in every part of our business, previously we were losing so much £ due to incorrect invoicing, Harmony is awesome and captures everything :) I must have spent countless days looking for the "right" PSA tool and I just kept coming back to Harmony, I love it. Happy to share my experience with anybody thinking about a new PSA. Too many Pros to mention, the biggest and most important is how much time Harmony has saved us in every part of the business, from the initial "first contact" right through to invoicing and payments. Couldn't live without it now.
  • Martin Perry - MD Sentis Managed Solutions

    I have implemented Harmony to drive efficiency and process improvement. The functionality is just what we need with automatic updates and most importantly the customer self-service portal built in as standard. Rarely do you find a technology company with such a detailed understanding of customer needs.


Look what we can do for you

Service desk automation

No-compromise service desk solution with deep configurability. Develop custom workflows, routing rules, seamless email threading, brand-able customer portal, time-zone support, SLA monitoring and escalation.

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Invoicing & supplier payments

Straight-through-processing to invoices with automatic balance sheet accounting in the back-ground. Full multi-currency support with consolidation currency reporting. Manage collections and payments in business context.

Read More

Professional Services delivery

Full support for projects, timesheets, expenses and subcontractors provided. The most flexible and powerful pre-pay functionality in the industry in addition to standard fixed price and time and materials delivery models.

Read More

Contract & asset management

Define contracts using your billing models with in-built deferred revenue accounting. Support for recurring and consumption contracts, asset modelling includes asset-based pricing, bulk updates, flexible custom fields.

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CRM & Quotes

Run sales campaigns directly in Harmony, track leads through opportunities to quotes and sales without re-keying or flaky integration code. Only enter your customers and contacts in one system.

Read More

Purchase orders and item delivery

Fully integrated Purchase Orders tied to products for sale, switch suppliers to get the best price, manage revenue and costs in the same action, on-line supplier invoice approval, full multi-currency support.

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Functionality Listing

Checkout how well we cover your needs

Dashboard Reporting
Powerful grid search & reporting
Email and calendar integration
Actions, posts and events
Notifications rules engine
Customisable email canister
Full site search
Device independent UI
Custom fields on all objects
Custom security profiles
Multi-tagged versioned document store
Multi-legal entity, multi-brand
Multi-currency, all financial values
Configurable document footers and colour
Knowledge Base
Recurring actions & event bookings
2-factor authentication
Service dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Campaign management
Telesales support
Lead and opportunity management
Integrated quoting & proposals
Sales target tracking
Internal quote approval workflow
On-line customer order approval
Book time to opportunities
Rich product objects
Product bundles
Tiered pricing models
Consumption pricing with dead-bands
Reseller support
Solution sales support
Automatic gross margin analysis on quote
Time recording via ticket or timesheet
Employee-level timesheet validation rules
Absence control and vacation carryover
Subcontractor contract management
Employee expenses, billable/non-billable
Hour to day conversion rules for billing
All time bookings financially analysed
Fixed price with WIP accounting
Employee level rate mappings
Earned-value project tracking
Simple GanTT display
Prepaid services in money, time or tokens
Time and Materials with budget warnings
Sales and Purchase Order workflow
Partial delivery by unit, % or cost
Cost recognition linked to delivery
Full delivery tracking
Flexible purchasing models
Supplier invoice auto-matching
Supplier invoice upload/on-line approval
Direct or project based delivery models
Delivery by milestone
Goods receipt control and returns
PO supplier switching
Cross-currency purchasing
unlimited customer ticket types & statuses
Custom workflow configuration
Custom clock definitions and time-zones
Auto-routing rules
Custom SLA definitions
Escalation rules
Powerful email threading & image capture
Brandable customer portal
Ticket dependencies and de-duplication
Time and event bookings on tickets
Drag & drop team scheduler
Contract information on ticket screen
Quote direct from ticket
Recurring and consumption models
Automatic deferred revenue accounting
Flexible and auditable contract changes
Mid-term and end term indexation
Flexible billing period definitions
Cancellations auto-accounting repair
Auto and manual renewals
Asset-based support pricing
Unlimited asset types and subtypes
40 custom fields on assets
Bulk edit/updates on asset data
Mass asset uploads
SLA's on asset or service or both
Asset Link on tickets
Invoice Workflow controls
Invoice and statements on portal
Receipt Allocations
Auto-calculated FX gain/loss
Multiple bank accounts (by currency)
Full, partial & ad hoc credit notes
Flexible time billing periods
Consolidated Payments Queue
Payment scheduling and release approval
Payment Consolidation
Reconciliation and FX gain/Loss accounting
Auto-invoicing of schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the right time to implement a PSA solution?

  • Here we have outlined 5 key areas you need to get right in order to run a successful technology business
    read more
  • If you run a small to medium sized company with offices in more than one country it’s a challenge. The SAAS market does not really support your type of business. Harmony provides a solution that targets both global and local requirements which is very hard to find in SAAS PSA software for SME’s
    read more
  • Harmony PSA was written to solve the problem of software contracts and billing management in a flexible manner, and without the need for dedicated finance departments
    read more

What is the right functional footprint for a PSA tool?

  • Harmony is the only PSA solution on the market that delivers the ability to model all your master data in a single non-modular system. With Harmony you will never have to synchronise data across system ever again
    read more

What is the business case for implementing a PSA tool?

  • PSA Software can quickly pay for itself. Read how here!
    read more
  • Are you considering writing your own PSA solution?
    read more
  • Technology companies have complex requirements. Harmony provides the most complete solution to get control of your management reporting
    read more
  • Harmony will improve your financial effectiveness and enable to you put in place repeatable business processes
    read more

Is Harmony complex to implement?

  • Implementing an all-in-one management system which will touch every part of your business is a daunting prospect. However, with careful planning, and the right support from your vendor, it is possible to make it a smooth transition from current systems
    read more
  • There are a number of common PSA implementation pitfalls which you should aim to avoid
    read more

Does Harmony integrate with well-known accounting packages?

  • Harmony has a direct API integration with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Sage One. It also has links to Sage and QuickBooks desktop, plus integation into many other accounting systems is possible using the export\import facilities available.
  • Harmony you can decide how much data replication you want to support. We’re very happy whatever you decide and have mature, flexible and free integration API’s with a wide range of common accounting platforms (both cloud and landed)
    read more
  • Document based or Journal based PSA accounting interface? Get it right from the start and you'll save time and money in the longer term
    read more
  • Harmony manages deferred and prepayment accounting automatically for you. It does the work so you don’t need to worry, and as a result, delivers accurate profitability views on demand
    read more

What are the other benefits of Harmony?

  • Build quality into your processes as early as possible
    read more
  • Make sure you are billing for everything you can. Are you providing services against lapsed contracts?
    read more
  • Do you need SOX Compliance to help win new business?
    read more
  • Simplify your support processes. Give your support staff an unparalleled view across the business by using a business-integrated ticketing system
    read more
  • Simplify data maintenance by having a single version of the truth
    read more
  • Easily be able to manage complex channel reseller arrangements
    read more
  • Keep a light touch with straight through processing
    read more
  • Time is money so waste as little of it as possible!
    read more
  • Specialised PSA features for System Integrators
    read more

Do you support pre-pay?

  • We know that in the MSP world, getting the right prepay model working is key to business success. We have a world-class prepay offering that satisfies a huge range of requirements in this area.
    read more

Does Harmony have a report showing customer profitability?

  • The holy grail of business analysis is client profitability reporting. How much money are you actually making from each of your client accounts?
    read more
  • HarmonyPSA offers the ability to not only model back to back purchases at true cost, but automatically record the cost of time alongside the revenue each time booking earns. Combine this with an in-built pivot capability and you have all the customer contribution tools you need
    read more

Does Harmony integrate with any CRM system?

  • Harmony contains it's own CRM module that is a complete part of the sales execution process. You actually use Harmony to make all your sales, and the data is automatically aligned because it just happens to be the same system. However, if you do want to integrate Harmony with your existing CRM system, our open APIs and Zapier integration makes this a simple process
    read more

Does Harmony support resellers?

  • By allowing a separation between the business counterparty and the financial counterparty (for both sell and buy side behaviour), we are able to model even the most complex of deals and enable you to decide who to send the invoice to, who to raise the ticket against, who’s asset it is. Plus you can sell via a VAR and direct to the same counterparty, you don’t need fake accounts or duplicate accounts to achieve this read more

Does Harmony support multiple legal entities?

  • Harmony has multi-entity and multi-currency support. It contains specific niche functionality designed to support technology businesses that have just gone global, but don’t have the deep pockets needed for traditional global enterprise software. We even support multi-time-zone service desk operations and multi-culture browser settings
    read more
  • Harmony support all the multi’s, its invoice export function can be split by legal entity. You can do your multi-currency business from one Harmony instance (in effect creating a virtual company to match your virtual team) but then send the transactions to each local simple ledger as invoice lines. All your reporting is in one place, but your accounting remains local in each country. The hybrid concept matches both needs neatly without requiring a massive implementation effort
    read more
  • Harmony make it possible to run complex businesses with multiple regions, currencies, legal entities and brands through one unified platform
    read more

Price Plans

User-Based pricing with no usage limits

Monthly SAAS

  • Dedicated virtual machine
  • Separate test instance
  • 3-level data backups
  • Fully scripted deployments
  • Centrally managed upgrades
  • Monthly flexibility
  • Monthly payments
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  • Control your environment
  • Includes test system
  • Own your data
  • Remote managed deployment
  • Automated upgrades
  • Annual commitment
  • Annual payments
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